Ballistics Testing

H.P. White has 75 years experience testing small arms and ammunition.  HP White maintains over 150 assorted test barrels for testing of shotgun, handgun, rifle, machine gun, and cannon calibers of ammunition. These test barrels, coupled with our computerized system of data collection and reduction, provide our clients with accurate round-by-round data that eliminates human computation errors.  Ammunition development and testing include all forms of small arms ammunition and fuzed cannon caliber ammunition, including non-destructive recovery of 20 mm, 30 mm, and 35 mm projectiles.

In addition, for performance testing and/or certification of small arms, HP White has nine indoor ranges, two outdoor ranges (25m and 300m), and a host of state-of-the-art equipment for ballistics testing and data collection.

From initial concept through prototype production and testing, the engineering staff is equipped with the tools for design development and analysis.

Firearms Testing: Ammunition Testing:

CA DoJ Firearms and Safety Device Certification
NIJ Acceptance
SAAMI Physical Proof
Catastrophic Pressure
Safety Evaluation

Physical Audit
Primer Sensitivity
Corrosive Primer
SAAMI Pressure/Velocity
Load Development
Projectile Stability

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