Respiratory Testing

respiratoryOur industry-leading SCBA lab evaluates Heat, Flame, Drop, Vibration, Temperature, Humidity, Dust Extremes and more. With 5 breathing machines capable of simulating a wide range of respiratory rates and inhalation/exhalation volumes, HP White has the capacity to complete projects fast. Breathing facepiece pressures can also be monitored both pre- and post-environmental extremes via sensitive pressure transducers and chart recorders. HP White’s respirator lab features one of only two flame-over testers for SCBA ensembles.

Key Specifications:

  • Posicheck breathing machines
  • NIOSH breathing simulator
  • NFPA 327 breathing machine
  • Heat and flame simulator
  • Vibration table
  • Drop tester
  • Environmental chambers
  • Convective oven
  • Tumble machine
  • High energy radiant panel

Standards and Test Methods:

  • NFPA 1981
  • NFPA 1984
  • ANSI 110