High Speed Video

high speed mobile response unitHP White was a pioneer in high-speed photography, first using high-speed photography and video in the late 1940s. At the outset, the lab used black & white Fastex cameras that were able to capture up to 5K frames per second.

Today HP White’s high-speed cameras capture up to 1M frames per second. HP White has two color high-speed cameras, two black and white cameras, complete lighting ensembles and post production capabilities. In addition, HP White’s high-speed mobile response unit can bring our leading edge video capabilities to you. Our high-speed capabilities are widely used in ballistics and ballistics resistance, but have also been used in failure analysis and fault finding in high-speed production lines and equipment, when split-second faults cannot be seen by the human eye.

Check out our YouTube channel to see more examples of our high speed video capabilities: http://bit.ly/HS-Vid

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