Developmental Testing and Research

With its close ties and partnerships to DoD research labs and Academia, HP White continues to strive to answer the base question, “What does it mean?”. From blast overpressure studies at both component and system levels to working with industry to develop innovative calibrated striking yaw and velocity measurement systems, we push the boundaries and refuse to settle with status-quo. HP White’s experience and research oriented mind-set keeps us focused on helping the customer develop the best/most effective products on the market.

Research Partnering

research partneringHP White is a superb partner for funded research projects. Our proposal development and research project team is comprised of expert principle investigators, engineers, and the industry’s most experienced technicians. HP White’s 75-year track record of successful past performance for the US Government and private industry can strengthen any PPE-related proposal. From quad-chart preparation, through commercialization, HP White is a proven and active partner in the effort to capture and deliver Broad Agency Announcement (BAA), Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR), and other accelerators for technology advancement.

Custom Test Plans

test on treadmillFor products which perform beyond industry standards or where existing methods haven’t caught up to your technology, HP White will collaborate with your team to create meaningful and repeatable test methodology. HP White has long been a pioneer in test method development. In fact, many of the test methods used today to evaluate body armor and ballistic-resistant helmets were initially developed at our Street, MD facility. We remain active in industry consensus standards development, but when clients need methods that keep pace with innovation and provide a jump on the market, HP White’s team can act fast to develop and publish new test methodology.

Inter-laboratory Study

MIST subjectHP White is a strong proponent of inter-laboratory correlation and competency testing. We welcome the opportunity to work with other ISO 17025 accredited laboratories and manufacturer in-house labs to improve reproducibility of test methods and foster consistent practices between labs. To request participation in a round robin or other inter-laboratory correlation activity, please let us know how we can help. Please send us objectives, timeline, and key contacts.