NIJ Standard 0101.07

On 22-FEB-2018 the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) posted the first public draft of the long awaited revision to the NIJ Standard 0101.06 Ballistic Resistant Body Armor. The new standard will be referred to as NIJ Standard 0101.07 and proposes some significant changes to the previous standard. Those with an interest in the standard are encouraged to submit comments directly to the NIJ.

HP White is currently working with clients to help them better understand the new requirements and evaluate existing armor systems to the proposed standard. By evaluating current armor designs, manufacturers gain vital insights into what challenges must be overcome to ensure compliance when the standard is released. NIJ estimates that manufacturers will be able to submit new models for compliance testing in late 2018.

Follow this link to download a copy of the Draft_NIJ_Standard_0101_07_Ballistic_Resistance_of_Body_Armor

In recent years the NIJ has been working under a Memorandum of Understanding with ASTM International to develop a variety of test methods and standards related to law enforcement equipment. Much of the work is being completed within ASTM Subcommittee E54.04 on Personal Protective Equipment – Committee E54 on Homeland Security Applications.

The draft ballistic resistance of body armor standard references several of the new ASTM standards. Where previous NIJ standards were nearly entirely self-contained, today, manufacturers must go beyond the 58-page base standard to understand a variety of ASTM test methods. Having led or contributed to the development of many of the new ASTM test methods, HP White is able to conduct all required tests and is helping clients get up to speed fast.

If you are a body armor manufacturer that intends to submit for NIJ Certification when the new standard is published, our highly experienced team is ready now to help you prepare. Call us to create a custom test plan to evaluate existing designs. The insights gained now, will help your team get safe body armor to market fast, when the new standard gets published.

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