HP White provides a comprehensive suite of testing services in accordance with OSHA, NIOSH, ANSI, ASTM, and other national safety standards. Some of our many test capabilities include, puncture, dexterity, impact, flame resistance, chemical penetration, and anti-bacterial. Our engineers can also work with clients to create custom test plans to evaluate unique physical, chemical and biological threats; such as, penetration with proprietary chemical compounds, puncture/cut with glass shards, or filtration of allergens.

It’s not practical or cost effective for manufacturers to evaluate product performance against all conceivable threats. Product performance claims are usually based on standardized tests. This makes relative performance comparisons between products much simpler for equipment buyers. However, for some applications, only evaluation against the specific threat will satisfy health and safety requirements. For these unique applications, HP White can work with H&S managers to define custom test procedures to performance comparative evaluations of equipment in repeatable, but near to real-world scenarios.

Supporting our Industrial/Commercial customers :