Shock Tube Blast Testing

HP White provides simulated blast testing in environmentally controlled, repeatable conditions for architectural products, EOD PPE, helmets and head protection and, among others, vehicular armor materials and assemblies. HP White provides engineering analysis and blast protection testing in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for ASTM F1642 and GSA TS-01. The facility is currently capable of testing samples up to 7’ x 7’ (with expansion up to 12’ x 12’), and recording the event with high-speed video and data capture.

shock tube blast testingKey Specifications:

  • Testing to ASTM F1642, GSA TS-01 and proprietary specs
  • High speed video and data capture (up to 4 channels at 5,000,000 samples per channel per second)
  • Fast sample loading and unloading
  • Completely enclosed indoor test facility

Standards and Test Methods:

  • ASTM F1642
  • GSA TS-01
  • Proprietary specs