Laboratory Development

HP White has designed and constructed ballistic test facilities for applications ranging from architectural and vehicular products, to helmets and soft armor, to hard armor inserts and eyewear. With more than 75 years in ballistics experience, HP White has advised commercial and governmental customers globally on ballistic range design and construction to meet testing, quality control and cost objectives. HP White’s Laboratory Development services range from design and consultation to equipment fabrication and procurement to training of staffs.

laboratory development
laboratory development

These services are segmented into three categories: Designer, Outfitter and Trainer.

HP White Range Designer

Needs analysis
Price modeling
Range design
Range equipment list
Range support equipment list

HP White Range Outfitter

Mounts and universal receivers
Target stands
Bridge gauge
Clay blocks
Clay ovens
Laser mounts
Mounting frames
Witness holders
Screen holders
Bullet catches
Velocity screens
Ballistic software (instrumental velocity, velocity loss)
Firing systems
Head forms

HP White range trainer

Clay handling
Environmental conditioning
Loading – powders, bullets, casings, seating
Barrel selection
Range maintenance and preventative maintenance
Fragment simulators
Range set up basics
Test method-specific classes
Yaw measurement
Pressure and velocity
Fragment simulator and ammunition quality control