Since 1936, HP White has provided small arms performance and safety testing, as well as forensics evaluations. Today, with 100m and 100yd indoor ranges, and 25yd (20 station) and 300yd (6 station) outdoor ranges situated on 165 acres, HP White can conduct a full range of performance, accuracy, endurance and dispersion tests.

HP White also provides environmental services for firearm manufacturers’ performance testing needs, including extreme temperature, humidity, salt-fog, and mud exposure testing in accordance with MIL-STD-810 and military TOP requirements.

firearms testing
firearms testing

Key Specifications:

  • (1) 100m indoor range
  • (1) 100yd indoor range
  • 500yd outdoor range
  • 25yd/20 station outdoor handgun range
  • 300yd/ 6 station rifle range
  • Photoelectric infrared velocity screens
  • Accuracy/dispersion
  • Cyclic rate
  • 7 Environmental conditioning chambers
  • Salt/fog conditioning chamber
  • (2) High speed video cameras capable of up to 1 million frames per second
  • 35’ indoor drop test facility
  • Full machine shop on site

Standards and Test Methods:

  • California Department of Justice Handgun
  • Massachusetts Handgun
  • SAAMI Drop/Jar-off/Rotation
  • NIJ 0112.03
  • MIL-STD-810
  • TOP-3-2-045