Firearm Safety Devices

HP White is approved to test all handgun types and firearms safety devices to state and federal regulations, including NIJ, SAAMI, State of Massachusetts, and State of California. For California Department of Justice (CA-DoJ), HP White conducts the necessary certification testing for handguns and firearms safety devices for sale, manufacture or transfer in CA, including trigger locks, cable locks, padlocks, lock boxes, cabinets and, safes.

With 9 indoor and 2 outdoor ballistics ranges, and proprietary handgun and safety device test facilities, HP White provides 48-hour test-to-report turnaround from receipt of samples for handgun and safety device certification testing to any of the federal or state regulations.

HP White also provides environmental services for firearm manufacturers’ performance testing needs, including extreme temperature, humidity, salt-fog, and mud exposure testing in accordance with MIL-STD-810 and military TOP requirements.

firearms safety devices
firearms safety devices

Key Specifications:

  • Drop test fixture
  • Tensile testing device
  • Plug torque machine
  • Plug pulling device
  • Plug impactor
  • Cable cutting fixture

Standards and Test Methods:

  • California Department of Justice Firearm Safety Devices
  • NIJ
  • State of Massachusetts