Eye & Face Protection Testing

HP White provides ballistic eyewear testing to commercial standards and methods (such as ANSI Z87.1 – 2010), Military (MIL-PRF-31013 and TCEPs), and European (EN166, 169, 170 and 172). HP White provides multiple ballistic ranges and air cannon test facilities for eyewear evalutations. What’s more, HP White provides high-speed videography with multiple camera angles up to 1M frames per second for footage that can be used for stop-motion product performance evaluations or for Sales and Marketing promotions.

eyewear testingKey Specifications:

  • High speed video
  • Photoelectric infared screens
  • Doppler radar
  • Alderson 50th percentile male headform
  • Cadex air cannon
  • Environmental conditioning chambers
  • ISO 17025, NVLAP accredited
  • High velocity compressed gas cannon capable of firing .15, .17 and .22 cal projectiles in excess of 1000ft/s
  • High mass impacts
  • Photometric aspects like haze, field of view, scotoma, and overall visual quality
  • Low velocity .25in projectile cannon
  • Scratch resistance machine
  • Large projectile air cannon capable of shooting: lacrosse, baseball, softballs, and hockey pucks up to 140 mph

Standards and Test Methods:

  • MIL-PRF-31013
  • TCEP’s
  • ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2010
  • GL-PD 10-12 MCEP
  • 21CFR801.410, (FDA) Use of Impact-resistant Lenses in Eyeglasses and Sunglasses