HP White Launches New Organizational Structure

HP White Launches New Organizational Structure

Baltimore, MD – An industry-wide research study conducted by HP White Laboratory in early 2011 targeting more than 600 armor manufacturers, government procurement officials, and industry influencers revealed that operational Consistency, Accuracy, and Integrity are the most mission critical metrics that a test lab must provide in today’s changing ballistics resistance markets. The study also revealed that short testing queue times, and fast turnarounds on test data and reporting is critical to meeting tight contract delivery schedules and quickening manufacturers’ return-on-investment cycles.

“When an entire industry reveals what’s most important to them as a business, you better listen, and then you better act,” said Mike Parker, president, HP White Laboratory. “HP White has led the industry for seven decades in creating armor test standards, test methods, and continuous improvement approaches for consistency and accuracy. Even still, there’s always opportunity for improvement over ‘industry leading’. And that’s just what HP White has done.”

To meet the demands of a changing armor industry, HP White has launched an evolutionary organizational structure – to provide industry leading test results and test-to-report cycles – teaming its testing operations around Consistency, Accuracy, and Operational Integrity. Each of these teams work in a coordinated fashion bringing function-specific expertise to each HP White testing project. Each team’s members participate in HP White’s Continuing Education Program to hone their skills and incorporate the finer principles of Consistency, Accuracy and Operational Integrity into each project throughout HP White’s nine ballistics ranges and environmental conditioning facilities. HP White’s Continuing Education Program is a proprietary curriculum that combines coursework from HP White Lead Trainers, instruction from industry experts, and practical exams that result in task-specific HP White Certifications for technical personnel.

“Until you institutionalize your operations around customers’ needs, you chance operational commitments being nothing more than lip service,” said Parker. “Our aim with this teaming approach and personnel certification is to provide customers with proof that from technician-to-technician, range-to-range, and project-to-project HP White provides the consistency, accuracy and integrity they expect and deserve from a third-party test lab.”

HP White Laboratory, Inc. was founded in 1936 by Mr. Henry Packard White as a ballistic research and development facility. In its 75th year of operation, HP White is world renowned as the leading ballistic and ballistic resistance laboratory. The laboratory is located at 3114 Scarboro Road, in Street, Maryland. For more information, contact us or visit www.hpwhite.com, or call 1-410-838-6550.

About HP White Laboratory, Inc

HP White Laboratory, Inc. is an independent ballistics and ballistics resistance laboratory. For 75 years, HP White has specialized in research and development, validation testing, certification and quality control evaluations of body and vehicular armor systems, sub-components and materials. HP White developed many of the ballistics resistance standards, processes and methods used today to test body and vehicular armor for a full scope of applications (law enforcement, military, personal protection), threats (stab, slice, bullet, explosive), and environments (urban, war time, extreme heat/cold). HP White’s services add value throughout the entire supply chain, from research and development processes and product certification to production lot acceptance and post-production quality control. HP White serves the needs of Federal, State, Local and Foreign Government agencies, and the manufacturers dedicated to saving lives of law enforcement and war fighters, globally.


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