HP White Laboratory Launches New Website; Showcases the Industry’s Most Complete Laboratory for Testing Protective Equipment – www.hpwhite.com

HP White Laboratory Launches New Website; Showcases the Industry’s Most Complete Laboratory for Testing Protective Equipment – www.hpwhite.com

Ballistics Resistance; Chem-bio; Physical Properties; Head, Eye, Face and Fall Protection; Flammability; SCBA and I.R. Camera Testing; One Company, One Website Supports Manufacturers’ Consolidated Testing Needs

Baltimore, MD – HP White Laboratory, Inc., an Intertek company, announces the launch of its new website, www.hpwhite.com, which showcases its expanded personal protective equipment (PPE) testing facilities.  For nearly 80 years HP White has been known for ballistics resistance testing.  Now, a new website covers HP White’s expansion into chemical and biological resistance, flammability, blunt impact, infrared equipment, respirators, fall protection and physical properties testing of protective materials for first responder, military, vehicular, athletics, architectural and industrial applications.

“The transition underway in protective equipment markets is undeniable,” said Mike Parker, President, HP White Laboratory. ”From standards development activities to defense procurement initiatives, the trend toward integrated protective systems is quickening. To stay ahead, HP White clients can count on an independent testing partner that provides one lab and the proven technical expertise to meet aggressive product launch or bid submission timelines.”

Beyond its core ballistics testing, HP White’s new website expands into non-ballistic testing facilities and services.

  • Chemical resistance – penetration and permeation testing with thousands of chemicals
  • Biological resistance – microorganism testing in a Bio Safety Level 2 lab,
  • Physical properties – gloves, boots, hazmat suits, goggles, chin straps tested for tensile, compression, cut, tear, heat, flame, cycling, abrasion, flexibility and hundreds of additional tests
  • Respiratory – self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) testing for heat, flame, vibration, temperature, humidity, dust extremes and more; features one of only two SCBA flame over facilities in the world
  • Helmets/headgear – seven facilities for testing to NOCSAE, ASTM, MIL, TOP, NFPA, DOT, CSA and NIJ standards
  • Fall protection – a 35’ indoor, environmentally controlled drop tower, environmental chambers, rain room and an 80,000lb tensile tester for ANSI, NFPA, CSA, MIL, and other global standards
  • Electronics – tested to be used by first responders in extreme environments including heat, flame, water immersion, vibration and rough use
  • Full Scale human test subjects evaluations – including MIST (Man In Simulant Test) Inward Leakage, SF6, communication testing, extreme environmental simulation
  • Custom test method development – distinguishes meaningful product traits, and provides repeatable feature-to-feature comparisons

HP White’s ballistics operation is NIJ-approved – accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP), NVLAP Lab Code: 200825-0 – for environmental conditioning and ballistics resistance testing required for NIJ Standard 0101.06 body armor certification, and its predecessor NIJ Standard 0101.04, as well as for NIJ Standard 0115.00, Stab Resistance of Personal Body Armor.  It is also accredited by UK’s Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) for compliance testing of ballistic and knife and spike resistant body armor.

HP White’s non-ballistic operations conduct testing in support of the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) and Hockey Equipment Certification Council’s (HECC) certification programs.  It is also ISO 17025 accredited by the Standards Council of Canada – across a comprehensive range of PPE products – to nearly 50 standards, including those developed by NOCSAE, NIJ, ASTM, ISO, and NFPA.  Additionally, the staff of HP White serves as technical experts on many of the development committees and technical panels for the standards affecting PPE.


Mike Parker, President
Telephone: +1.410.838.6550

About H.P. White Laboratory, Inc

H.P. White Laboratory, Inc. is an independent protective equipment test laboratory, specializing in ballistics; ballistics resistance; chemical and biological; flammability; head, eye, face and fall protection; SCBA and I.R. camera testing. For 75 years, H.P. White has specialized in research and development, validation testing, certification and quality control evaluations of vehicular and architectural armor components and systems, and protective equipment worn by soldiers, industrial workers, law enforcement and corrections, first responders and athletes, globally.