HP White Laboratory Expands Management Team

HP White Laboratory Expands Management Team

Baltimore, MD – HP White Laboratory, Inc. announces the addition of John Cronin to its management team; Cronin is now responsible for global Business Development for the world’s largest independent test laboratory of personal and vehicular armor. Cronin will lead efforts for developing and launching new business lines, strategic marketing initiatives, and client satisfaction programs. With more than 10 years experience in armor development and manufacturing, he provides valuable conformity assessment support for meeting product-to-market objectives, and insights to global armor standards

“We’re undergoing revitalizing change at HP White. Over the past few months, we’ve significantly reduced queue times and increased throughput, allowing us to help our customers move from quote to test to report faster than anyone in the industry,” said Mike Parker, President, HP White. “With more than a decade’s experience in the development, production and commercialization of armor products, John understands our clients’ needs as only a client can.”

In addition to developing and marketing protective products with enhanced design margins, John has helped improve officer life-safety through his work on various standards committees and armor training workshops. As a contributor on the American Society for Testing and Materials’ (ASTM) working group WK24613, John helped bring to market the first ASTM test standard to measure hypodermic needle resistance of protective gloves worn by law enforcement, corrections, private security, and military personnel.

As former chairman of the Protective Textiles Session at Techtextil NA, John worked to disseminate knowledge about the latest armor materials technology advancements. On an ongoing basis, John will serve on the Techtextil NA Advisory Council to attract key industry technologists to the Council’s annual symposium. These activities position John at the forefront of technology advances, and as a valuable informational resource for HP White’s clients.

Founded in 1936, HP White is in its 75th year of operation and world renowned as the leading ballistic and ballistic resistance laboratory. The laboratory is located at 3114 Scarboro Road, in Street, Maryland. For more information, contact us or visit http://www.hpwhite.com, or call 1-410-838-6550.

About HP White Laboratory, Inc

As an industry pioneer and current world leader, for 75 years HP White has specialized in research and development, validation testing, certification and quality control evaluations of firearms, body armor, and vehicular armor systems. Many industry-standard methods and processes used to test body and vehicular armor for law enforcement, military, and personal protection applications were developed at HP White. Services evaluate the full scope of threats (stab, slice, bullet, fragment, explosive), and environments (urban, war time, extreme heat/cold). HP White’s services add value throughout the supply chain; from research and development processes and product certification to production lot acceptance and post-production quality control. HP White serves the needs of Federal, State, local and foreign government agencies, and the manufacturers dedicated to protecting the lives of law enforcement, corrections, private security, war fighters, and civilians, globally.


John Cronin, Business Development Manager
Telephone: +1.410.838.6550