HP White Chief Scientist to Serve as ASTM E54 Membership Secretary

HP White Chief Scientist to Serve as ASTM E54 Membership Secretary

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HP White Chief Scientist to Serve as ASTM E54 Membership Secretary

Kinsler adds more than 30 years of protective equipment testing expertise to the ASTM E54 Committee on Homeland Security Applications


Baltimore, MD 7-JUL-2016: HP White Laboratory is pleased to announce the appointment of Chief Scientist Robert Kinsler to the position of Membership Secretary for the ASTM International – Committee E54 on Homeland Security Applications. The appointment was made following a vote by the E54 Executive Committee during the 2016 ASTM Summer Committee Week in Chicago, IL. Additionally, HP White is offering congratulations to Nicholas Roberts of the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake, for his appointment as Chair of the E54.04 Subcommittee for Personal Protective Equipment.

Kinsler has been Chief Scientist at HP White since 2014 and has an extensive background in protective equipment standards development. In addition to his work on the ASTM subcommittee, Kinsler is working on several other standards development committees and boards to advance testing practices associated with protective equipment used in law enforcement, military, and athletics applications. Prior to joining HP White, Kinsler succeeded Russ Prather as Analyst at the US Army Research Lab Survivability/Lethality Analysis Directorate, with a focus on weapons lethality and head protection.

Nicholas Roberts’ law enforcement career spans 39 years. Roberts has extensive experience serving on various committees related to standards for protective law enforcement equipment, starting in 2002, when he was selected by Attorney General Ashcroft, Sheriff Aaron Kennard, and Senator Orrin Hatch to participate in the Body Armor Safety Initiative. In addition to his new volunteer responsibilities with ASTM, Nick currently serves as Range Master for the Unified Police Department of Salt Lake, UT.

HP White president John Cronin is quoted as saying “Our whole team wants to wish Rob and Nick our very sincere congratulations and well-wishes. These guys are truly passionate about advancing the safety of law enforcement, military and first responder personnel through the development of real-world-relevant test methods and performance standards. They each have extensive experience in standards development and we’re confident they’ll do an outstanding job.”.

To learn more about the ASTM E54 Committee for Homeland Security Applications and the Protective Equipment Subcommittee, or for information related to other standards development activities and independent testing services offered by HP White Laboratory, contact us or visit www.hpwhite.com



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