HP White Approved by CA-DOJ as Handgun and Firearms Safety Devices Laboratory

HP White Approved by CA-DOJ as Handgun and Firearms Safety Devices Laboratory

Leading Ballistics Lab Certified by California DOJ, and Launches Environmental Services for Firearms Manufacturers’ Certification and Performance Testing Needs

Baltimore, MD – HP White Laboratory, Inc., the world’s largest independent test laboratory of armor and ballistics resistance, today announces that it has been approved by the California State Department of Justice as a Certified Handgun Test Laboratory and a Certified Firearms Safety Devices Laboratory. HP White is approved to test all handgun types and firearms safety devices for sale, manufacture or transfer in CA, including trigger locks, cable locks, padlocks, lock boxes, cabinets and safes. This approval bolsters HP White’s firearms testing and certification services, which includes evaluations for NIJ, SAAMI and State of Massachusetts, among others.

According to California Penal Code sections 31900-32110, no handgun model may be sold, transferred, and/or manufactured in California unless that model has been tested by a Certified Laboratory and subsequently approved by the CA Department of Justice. In addition, according to California Penal Code sections 23620 and 23625, no firearm may be sold, manufactured, or transferred in California unless that firearm is accompanied by a DOJ-approved firearms safety device that was tested for safety and functionality by a Certified Test Laboratory.

With 9 indoor and 2 outdoor ballistics ranges, and proprietary handgun and safety device test facilities, HP White provides 48-hour test-to-report turnaround from receipt of samples for CA-DOJ handgun and safety device certification testing. What’s more, HP White has launched complementary environmental services for firearm manufacturers’ performance testing needs, including extreme temperature, humidity, salt-fog, and mud exposure testing in accordance with MIL 810A and military TOP requirements.

HP White Laboratory, Inc. was founded in 1936 by Mr. Henry Packard White as a ballistic research and development facility. In its 75th year of operation, HP White is world renowned as the leading independent ballistic and ballistic resistance laboratory. The laboratory is located at 3114 Scarboro Road, in Street, Maryland. For more information, contact us or visit www.hpwhite.com, or call +1-410-838-6550.


John Cronin, Global Business Development Manager
Telephone: +1.410.838.6550

About HP White Laboratory, Inc

HP White Laboratory, Inc. is an independent ballistics and ballistics resistance laboratory. For 75 years, HP White has specialized in research and development, validation testing, certification and quality control evaluations of body and vehicular armor systems, sub-components and materials. HP White developed many of the ballistics resistance standards, processes and methods used today to test body and vehicular armor for a full scope of applications (law enforcement, military, personal protection), threats (stab, slice, bullet, explosive), and environments (urban, war time, extreme heat/cold). HP White’s services add value throughout the entire supply chain, from research and development processes and product certification to production lot acceptance and post-production quality control. HP White serves the needs of Federal, State, Local and Foreign Government agencies, and the manufacturers dedicated to saving lives of law enforcement and war fighters, globally.