Facility Security

At HP White, we enforce a very strict security posture. Access to any part of the facility is controlled and monitored. Visitors are restricted to one entrance and must log in using the computerized sign-in and identification system that scans client identification and creates self-destructing photo identification badges. The system maintains records of visitor entry to the administration area of the organization, while concealing the records of other visitors. All electronic visitor logs are systematically backed up, and monitored by Department of Security Services. Visitors enter range areas only with HP White personnel escort, thus maintaining control over visitor exposure solely to testing operations for which they have a need to know. All customer proprietary information is safeguarded and maintained electronically with limited access internally and no access externally.

If special security considerations are required for testing, our Customer Operations Team will ensure that protocols for data handling, transfer, and storage are strictly adhered to in accordance with any special instructions received. All employees are regularly trained on safeguarding proprietary and controlled data.