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H.P. TV Remote Test Monitoring

See what happens when a hot load turns a rifle bolt into a projectile.

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    FREE Guide: “IAB Ebola PPE Recommendations ”

    Download now for the latest recommendations on appropriate PPE for response to Ebola-related incidents from the Interagency Board (IAB)

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    FREE Guide: “DEA Shield Testing Protocol”

    Solicitation for DEA ballistic shields, deadline 10 July, 2014. Click for Summary of Test Requirements to qualify.


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Since 1936 HP White Laboratory has provided testing services for research and development, validation, certification and quality control of personal protective equipment, and armor systems, sub-components and materials. Founded by Henry Packard White as a ballistic research and development facility, today the laboratory serves government agencies all over the world, and product manufacturers in defense, law enforcement, first responder and athletics markets. HP White is the most diverse ballistic and PPE test laboratory in the world: providing independent analysis of firearms and firearms safety devices; ammunition; impact resistant products; body armor; vehicular and structural armor; military, commercial and athletic headgear; chemical and biological resistant products; eyewear; and fall protection equipment.

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